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Job Description

Role and Responsibility:

  • Run the cloud environment by monitoring availability and taking a holistic view of system health
  • Build software and systems to manage platform infrastructure and applications
  • Improve reliability, quality, and time-to-market of our suite of software solutions
  • Measure and optimize system performance, with an eye toward pushing our capabilities forward, getting ahead of customer needs, and innovating to continually improve
  • Provide primary operational support and engineering for multiple large, distributed software applications
  • Gather and analyze metrics from both operating systems and applications to assist in performance tuning and fault finding
  • Partner with development teams to improve services through rigorous testing and release procedures
  • Participate in system design consulting, platform management, and capacity planning
  • Create sustainable systems and services through automation and uplifts
  • Balance feature development speed and reliability with well-defined service level objectives
  • Deploy updates and fixes
  • Build tools to reduce occurrences of errors and improve customer experience
  • Perform root cause analysis for production errors
  • Investigate and resolve technical issues
  • Design procedures for system troubleshooting and maintenance

Required Skills:

  • 3+ years of experience in a similar position (SRE, DevOps, or infrastructure engineer).
  • Experience with Kubernetes administration.
  • Experience with infrastructure as code tools such as Terraform and Ansible.
  • Experience with at least one of the major cloud providers: AWS, GCP, Azure, or OCI.
  • Experience with architecting, developing, and troubleshooting large-scale systems.
  • Experience building CI/CD pipelines (preferably GitOps).
  • Experience with monitoring and observability tools such as Prometheus, Loki, Jaeger, and Sentry.
  • Experience in managing databases including (backup and restore plans, replication, and clustering) such as PostgresSQL, and MongoDB.
  • Good networking knowledge (preferably experience with VPNs and Service Mesh)

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