Join PERKS HR membership, a lifelong career partner with a community of members, PERKS HR membership provides you to gain access to key tools and resources to support your career as we continue to make better individuals for a better world.


Whether you have a job or not PERKS HR is looking to advance your career and elevate your role as a trusted leader, relying on PERKS HR for your professional development will take you to new heights.

Perks HR is a Human Resources Consulting Company with a focus on Recruitment Selection, Training and Development, Payroll Management, and Remote Staffing Services.

We have extensive experience in assisting clients in strategically integrating effective HR processes, programs, and practices into their daily operations.

PERKS HR offers three membership categories, which are all outlined below, along with information on prices for each.

  • Student
  • Indiviudual
  • Corporate

Huge Discount of 50% on all internal trainings


Any full-time graduate or undergraduate student, or any person who is still a student is eligible for membership in this category. Please provide a copy of your student ID. Student memberships will renew at the student rate up to 5 times before transitioning into an Individual membership.


  • Advance your career with discounted trainings.
  • CV making.
  • Professional Image
  • Help in job haunting


Individuals currently working in any field, or unemployed but looking for a job and wants to enhance their career or retired from the industry, are eligible to seek membership in this category.


  • Industry meetup
  • Engage with peers
  • Advance your career with discounted trainings.
  • CV making
  • Professional Image
  • Events


All Independent consulting groups, for-profit and private sector companies can also seek membership under this category. Dues are based on the number of staff in the department.


  • Corporate customized trainings for staff
  • Corporate events
  • Coaching and consulting
  • Internal trainings


  • Student: 1000 Rs
  • Individual: 3000 Rs
  • Corporate: 5000 Rs