Course introduction:

Why Choose this Course? This course offers a step by step journey from problem identification to solution generation and additionally to evaluate creative techniques that challenge more traditional models of “outcomes thinking”. It offers wide range of tools and techniques and insights into how leaders can inspire the creative process within themselves and their teams and the wider organization. Delegates will leave energized and convinced of their creative potential. Decision making and problem solving represent the most important of all managerial and leadership activities; if you can make timely, well-considered and informed decisions, then you can lead your team and organization to deserved success

Course Contents:

  • Introduction: Why study problem solving and decision making
  • A synopsis of psychological thought
  • Values, Problem Solving and Bias in Decision Making
  • Lateral Thinking for Problem Solving
  • Using a team approach to encourage structured and lateral thinking
  • Problem solving: the highest order cognitive process
  • Split brain theory to make informed and balanced decisions
  • Developing openness to new ideas in making decisions
  • The model of creative problem solving
  • Facing the unexpected events
  • Decision Making and the Management of Change
  • Encouraging creative problem solving for continuous improvement
  • Diagnostic tools for organizational improvement
  • Using techniques to innovate and improve process and product
  • ‘How creative am I’? Challenging self-imposed assumptions
  • Thinking outside the box and ‘Imagineering’ using current examples from technology
  • Organizational culture and its influence on the creative organization
  • Creative leadership in times of crisis: the role of emotional intelligence in decision making
  • Leadership style and decision making activities
  • Assessing creativity in your organization
  • Creating “innovation champions” as a strategy for fostering change
  • Developing a personal action plan for the workplace and assessment guidance

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Determine pragmatic methods for effective problem solving
  • Appreciate the impact of personality on the decision making and problem solving process
  • Evaluate and apply a structured approach to generate solutions to organizational issues
  • Assess personal and organizational creativity and set an agenda for progression
  • Apply appropriate creative problem solving techniques that generate original solutions

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Program on Critical Thinking & Effective Decision Making Skills training program