Scoring a Job depends on two things, your personality and your CV. However, before you land yourself a seat in front of the talent acquisition committee. Your Resume is the document that will decide whether you get on that seat or not. Hence ensuring that your Resume represents your skills and abilities accurately makes sure you tailor it according to need. To help you with the Resume modification process we are providing you top tips to write job winning Resume that will not only help you land yourself that seat but can actually help you secure the job.

Top tips to write a job-winning Resume

Customize your Resume:

When applying for a supply chain position, your CV needs to reflect your experience and educational background in the supply chain. You cannot and should not use the same resume for every job opportunity. Instead tailoring it according to the requirement and job description will help the hiring committee understand and appreciate your knowledge.

Presentation vs Format:

The presentation of your experience and educational background matters more than the format. Some key things to note are mentioned below:

  • Use readable fonts
  • Clean and crisp looking is better than jumbled up and confusing
  • Make sure there are no typos or grammatical mistakes
  • Sending the CV in PDF format will ensure that your fonts and format retains, because in a word document if the receiver does not have the font you used, the Resume will look much different on their end in a word document. You will not have to face this issue if you send it in PDF file format.

Streamline your Educational and professional experience:

Make sure that your CV has all the information and it is presented in a way that is easy to understand even if the receiver just skims the Resume. Do the following to avoid jumbling up your Resume:

  • Set up your CV in a reverse chronological order meaning, that if you are applying as a student then your latest degree should be on the top.
  • Similarly, if you are applying for a senior position then your existing one and latest professional experience should be on the top.
  • Only add relevant experience, for example, if you are applying for a supply chain job then adding the experience of marketing or finance from 10 years ago may not be relevant. However, do not skip it but do not waste too much space on it.

Leadership Focus:

These days people do not want robots who say yes sir! Employers are looking for leaders who can take the initiative to advance the company in the direction that is best suited for it. Hence do the following:

  • Highlight your leadership skills
  • Mention and educate the employer about your abilities as a thought and action leader.

Avoid exaggeration:

We all do go out a little bit further than the truth to inspire and impress the hiring committee however following are the cardinal rules you should never disobey:

  • Never, never lie on your Resume
  • Add accurate employment dates
  • Give credit where credit is due, meaning if your team collectively came together to achieve success in a project then give them the credit as well.
  • No superlatives. Superlatives can make you seem arrogant.

Open-ended Resume:

Keep one copy of your CV open-ended meaning that you need to keep one CV that has all the keep aspects, experience, and educational details mentioned along with other soft skills that the hiring committee might be looking for.

  • Keeping an open-ended Resume will help you edit it according to the job description as needed
  • You can make a few changes according to the job roles and your experience
  • Highlight and emphasize leadership and your soft skills according to the job description

Dynamic Professional Resume:

Your Resume has to be dynamic and unique and it cannot remain the same as it was when you first graduated. Your Resume also grows with your professional accolades and experience.

  • Know your area of expertise and get certifications in that area
  • Highlight your success in your specific field and mention all you did as a leader
  • Just like your professional goals change in your head they should also reflect in your CV as well.


These are some of the top tips to write job winning Resume that will help you land an interview with the hiring committee. Once you get your spot, it is up to you from there onwards to make your mark and present yourself as you have presented yourself in the Resume. Always remember that your resume represents you at a glance and when you sit in front of the hiring committee that needs to be personified. You can search for your desired job on PerksHR job Portal.